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Luxury Villas and Apartments on El Hierro

El Hierro luxury villas with private pool

Even though not all luxury villas on El Hierro do not have a private pool, some of them do and that can be an added value to your holidays on El Hierro. Our villas stand out for their amazing sights that will completely immerse you with nature. For people who are looking to spend their luxury holidays on El Hierro being close to nature and at the same time being close to the ocean, then this place can be a perfect fit.

A very special feature about El Hierro is that it was chosen some years ago to do experiments with renewable energies by scientist from all over the world. Nowadays they are still working to create energies from natural sources to implement in other places around the globe, but they are already almost 100% sustainable which means that all their energy comes from renewables natural resources. That is possible because of the great strategic location where it is with plenty of sources for energy like wind, sun, and even the sea.

Why spending your luxury holidays on El Hierro

This question is very logical to ask because having other 6 islands which are greater in size and also have more people living in them, then why should go to El Hierro for your luxury holidays? Each person makes their own choices to where they are called to travel. Some prefer crowded cities and others prefer quiet nature. If you are one of those who would like to explore and be close to nature then spending your luxury holidays on El Hierro can be a great choice. 

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