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Holiday apartments, country homes, and villas for rent on Canary Islands

Travel information for your holiday to rent in the Canary Islands

There are seven islands that form the archipelago of Canary Islands. Each of them surprisingly have very different landscape settings depending on what you are looking for. What is common in all of them is that they have great climate conditions all year around, and it only varies from island to island in just a few celsius degrees.


On the other hand, they all have distinct populations. From the big cities of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to the quiet tropical beaches of Fuerteventura. In all of the Canary Islands we offer holiday villas for rent well suited to spend the perfect vacation on tropical islands while staying in Europe.


Landscape setting variations for your holiday rental in the Canaries

One important thing to know when choosing which island you wish to travel is that they all have different landscapes. Generally, if you go to the west of the archipelago you can find more country and mountain landscapes, and if you go to the east flatter islands with more ‘white sanded’ beaches.


However, it does not mean that you will not find beaches on the further west islands or mountains in the further East. Overall, all the islands rise in height in the middle, like a volcano, and less height on the edges which would be the shoreline. That is something to keep in mind especially when you are looking for villas in the Canaries to rent.


Weather & Climate for villas in Canary Islands with private pools

Something to keep in mind is the phenomenal effect that generates a sea of clouds in the north of every island called ‘panza de burro’, or donkey’s belly. It means that the clouds that come from the atlantic sea get stuck and accumulate at the mountains, because they can’t pass through. When it happens the north of some islands get cloudy despite it still being warm. On the other hand, the south of every island stands out for always being sunny which is something great if you are looking for a quiet private vacation in one of our luxury villas in the Canary Islands with a private pool.

Any question? Special wishes? We are here for you!