Canary Islands, a safe destination for your stay with LasCasasCanarias & Salobre Golf Villas during COVID-19

1. Entry requirements

Please refer to the official website of the Canary Islands Tourism Authority for the current entry requirements:

2. A safe stay

The well-being of our clients has always been one of our main objectives. During COVID-19, that commitment gains even more importance. We are aware of our responsibility towards the health of our clients. In order to guarantee that you and your family can enjoy a safe and carefree vacation, we have updated our standards of cleanliness and hygiene, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality and the World Health Organization. These standards will be adapted based on upcoming recommendations and current regulations and will be imposed in cooperation with the administrators and cleaning services of our villas. The main measures adapted to ensure the cleanliness and security of our villas are:

Cleaning with authorized disinfecting products of proven efficacy. The airing of the rooms and the replacement of towels and bed linen will receive special attention. Owners will be advised to reduce the decorative elements as much as possible and to provide guests with a toilet bin with lid, bag and non-manual actuation. A system is defined to avoid cross contamination, providing a room with clean laundry only after cleaning and disinfecting the room.

High frequency of cleaning and reviews with disinfecting products, especially in the areas of greatest contact (surfaces, knobs, sinks, faucets, handles, elevators, reception desk, doors, keys / room cards, telephones, remote controls, button wc discharge, protection barriers, climate control, dryer, railings, terrace furniture, etc.).

The textiles will be washed at> 60 ° C and, in the case of externalized laundry service, the supplier will be informed of the minimum required temperature.

Safety and hygiene measures for cleaning staff. The cleaning staff will not provide service in the rooms without the client leaving the room, except in exceptional circumstances. Customers will be informed in advance of this measure.

In the pools, the guidelines and recommendations to be applied will follow the results of the requested scientific report on the behavior of COVID-19 in the water of both outdoor and indoor pools. Pool water hygiene will be ensured through chlorination systems and increases in filtration time. Customers are recommended to use the shower before each bath.

In line with this commitment, we ask our clients to be responsible during their stays and adhere to current safety and hygiene protocols.

3. Cancellation conditions for reservations 

To deal with unforeseen situations due to COVID-19, we have relaxed our cancellation policy for reservations. In case of Canary Islands will close for foreign tourists again because of COVID 19, or your country does not allow you to leave the country, you can choose to move your reservation dates to a new time period, or alternatively cancel your reservation and receive a refund. The refund will not include our service charge.