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Luxury Villas and Apartments on Lanzarote

Villas Lanzarote for luxury holidays

Lanzarote is a great destination for those people who are looking to see an amazing unique island with lots of naturally formed places due to their volcanic environment. This island is unique because it conserves most of its volcanic landscape which is something you can’t really see in the other Canary Islands.

For that reason you can find many luxury resorts on Lanzarote as people come sometimes for quiet holidays to get away from the typical hotels and apartments on very crowded areas where all you can see is a tourist jungle. Some may choose to stay on Lanzarote luxury villas and others rather want luxury apartments. Independently of which kind of place you choose to stay at, all luxury accommodation on Lanzarote cover all sorts of needs and at the same time are very particular in themself.

Which kind of luxury villas to rent on Lanzarote?

First of all, it’s important to know that almost all our luxury villas on Lanzarote come with private pool in case that you wanted to enjoy some privacy on your holidays. Secondly, there are several different room capacities ranging from 4 people up to 12 people in some of the villas. Lastly, there are some luxury villas on Lanzarote that have a modern and stylish design whereas others are more traditional.

Price range for Lanzarote luxury villas

It was surprising to know that some people refer to Lanzarote as ‘lanz’, and that the locals often call it Lanza in the case you’ve ever heard of those names before. Needless to say that depending on what luxury villa on Lanzarote you were looking to rent then the price may vary from location, kind of villa, and how many people were going to stay. Prices range from 80 euros a night to 350, but almost all our luxury villas on Lanzarote range around the 100’s euros per night.

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