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Luxury Villas and Apartments on La Palma

Places to stay for your luxury holidays on La Palma

La Palma is the most occidental island of all the Canary Islands. Even though there is not that much distance between them all, there is a severe change in each island’s environment the further you go west. The eastern islands tend to be a bit drier and less mountainous whereas the western islands tend to be greener with a richer countryside, and that makes La Palma luxury villas perfect to enjoy a relaxing holiday in nature.

La Palma is known among the locals as the beautiful island or ‘isla bonita’ which already says a lot about the characteristics of this island. One thing that stands out about La Palma is its their sights both to the sky and to the ocean. From almost anywhere on the island you can see the ocean because of its particular shape and reefs; something quite unique is amazing for people who are looking to spend their luxury holidays on La Palma.

Where to find on La Palma our luxury villas

La Palma is famous among astrologers for their observatories. It’s very special location along with the clear skies make La Palma as well as Tenerife one of the best spots to observe the stars in the world. In addition to all sights, this particular island of the Canary Islands has very diverse landscapes and great reefs.

Differently from the almost flat Fuerteventura with white sand beaches, in La Palma you will find dark sanded and rock beaches which is great if you are looking to do scuba diving for the variety of fish there are living next to the rocks. In case you were looking to perform this activity then we must recommend you to stay in any of our luxury villas on La Palma that are a perfect place to stay while you are on holiday.

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