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Luxury Villas and Apartments on La Gomera

Luxury villas on La Gomera for rent

La Gomera is one of the 7 Canary Islands and it is located between the island of Tenerife and El Hierro. It has an almost perfect rounded shape and fewer people than its neighbour island Tenerife. There on La Gomera you will find one of the greatest natural reserves of the islands called Valle de Garajonay which has many endemic species that only exist there. One nice thing is that we have very special luxury villas in La Gomera. They are special because they are like houses or cottages that are literally in the middle of nature. Some of them are old rock and wooden houses giving it a country touch that could make a luxury holiday on La Gomera a very special time for any family.

Why are luxury holidays on La Gomera so special?

The most incredible thing about La Gomera is its rich countryside. The valley in the middle of the island is surrounded by all kinds of flora and fauna. The temperature ranges from 19 to 24 celsius degrees all year round although in the middle of the winter depending on the areas might get a bit colder but almost never less than 10. It can feel colder because of the humidity, something understandable because it is in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

When people travel to La Gomera looking for a quiet holiday surrounded by nature they choose to stay in luxury villas on La Gomera. The villas are affordable, well located and fully equipped to enjoy the natural landscapes of the island.

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